December 30, 2016

List all your comments anywhere in youtube

If you want to find a specific comment on a youtube video but don't remember the link, then try searching in the list of all your comments. This list can be seen in History ->  Comments on videos history (3rd tab)

or go to this URL directly once logged in

June 20, 2016

ACM ICPC World Finals 2016 Result - Indian Perspective


Rank | College | Problems Solved
57 | Indian Institute of Information Technology - Allahabad | 5
59 | Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi| 5
61 | Indian Institute of Technology - Kanpur| 5
70 | Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay | 4
72 | Indian Institute of Technology - Roorkee | 4

Total team : 128
Total Problem : 13
Questions :

May 27, 2016

Hard lessons taught by life

1. Learn to bear the pain : Went through a major one and half hour intestine surgery, doctors stuck with a needle in between the vertebrae to inject the spinal anesthesia.

November 23, 2015

P vs NP, NP Complete and NP hard - most of students think they got it

Many people get the P vs NP Part, but they begin to loose when it comes to NP Complete and NP Hard.

It fascinating to know that there are bounds to computation we perform and the computing world. If someone proves P = NP then the whole world system of economics, finance, scientific especially politics will collapse over night. Why you ask?Because by the class of complexities if P = NP, then it is possible to model a problem with unknown solution to a problem with known solution and get the result by polynomial transformation. So today the computing world and everthing that is based on it i.e.(Banking, ecommerce, internet, secured communications) all run on the fact that few problem are not solvable easily e.g. Cryptography is all based on this, you can't easily find whether a large given number (more than 1000, 2000 digits) is prime of not.

October 7, 2015

First screencast on youtube

Created and published my first screencast on youtube and it is 1 min long :)

It explains how to calculate sine value and other trigonometry values in 'bc' i.e. basic calculator in unix

Two major events in India that saved a lot of Trees

The two events in India has really saved paper in tons and eventually Trees ( no exaggeration :))

1. IRCTC allowing sms to be treated as valid ticket
2. Income Tax e-filling e-verification for tax payers having tax amount less than 5 lac.